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Default The other De Lisle replica.

This is an "Exact Replica" De Lisle made some years ago by another manufacturer who shall remain nameless.
This unit required a lot of rework to make function properly.
In addition to missing original design elements it also managed to retain the original flaws.

External appearance wise they look very good.
It's the "DP" actions, internal features, and small details that are problematic.

I've now repaired four of these and have no appetite for more as they are a genuine pain due to the inordinate amount of hand work required.

I will share the how-to-do of fixing these with anyone who might be interested.

Many of you may have one of these, some may actually function well and others may be nothing more than static displays.

I am offering the key part to successful repair for nothing more than postage so long as I have them in stock.
I hate to see expensive NFA languish in the safe.

I think I can post general details here but specific issues may have to be handled via PM.
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