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Mr M4 I owe you a big apology, you are a dealer not Lane Suppressors. I humbly apologies for being sharp with you. This is your dealer thread.
Please check out Phillip's product at Innovative Arms, he has a great dealer package that you might want to check out. Please do not let my thoughts and oversight tarnish his business ethics or his products. Phillip and Jenny are great people as I'm sure the guys at Lane are also.

Now to everyone else....This business is a very competitive business. A lot of time, work, money and testing goes into these designs. They get very personal. Innovative Arms has been contacted by AAC to cease and desist over fluting on the outside of a suppressor because of patens they hold. Yes I said fluting.........They (AAC) also hold a plethora of patens on K-baffles. So Nathaniel go ahead and come out with a K-baffle design, market it, sink your life savings into it, start selling it to an extent that it cuts into their sales, and see how quick you will lose it all. Design patens are very specific and very detailed. Its very easy to armchair warrior call a subject when your not even in the business.

Again MrM4 sorry Ive caused enough deflection of attention on your business thread! Very sorry.

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