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Corrections made, thanks for pointing them out. The WK isn't designed for full power 308, for that I recommend the 7.0" standard model as it's a fully welded and sealed model designed for full power CF rifle. I'm not sure how I'd make references other than just using a couple, I've done work for guys all over the country since the 90's and I don't think I've ever had an unsatisfied customer. I'll be the first to admit, during my divorce I left some guys hanging after I lost pretty much everything (everything) to an activist woman judge but I made them a priority after I was back up and running and as far as I know everyone has been taken care of. That was 2008. All you have to do is google my name (mike klos american manufacturing) and plenty comes up. Pay attention to the dates though, some of it is pretty old. You'll see a couple magazine articles I was featured in too.
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