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Originally Posted by ComputerShooter View Post
A friend and I started naming all the reality shows we knew of based out of Alaska. I think we got about 10 without straining. My favorite, Ultimate Survival Alaska, 2nd place Bearing Sea Gold, honorable mention Flying Wild Alaska.

I really look forward to hearing sub sonic suppressed 300blk out of my bolt gun.
My blk is in an AR, but I loaded some Nosler 180gr ballistic tips with green dot. I can't remember the load, and am too lazy to go check my notes right now... They won't even think of cycling. Anyway, they were stupid quiet. Hammer drop, hisssss, thunk the dirt bank 50 yards away. Really been thinking about ditching the AR upper in blk and getting an encore barrel instead. Too much trouble working up loads for function, accuracy, and shhhhhh. Been fun so far, but it would be much better fun just to work on sub and accurate and forget having to get it to cycle too. Many more powder options present themselves when you don't have to worry about cycling the action on the AR.
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