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Default *Got the status update I needed

Update- I talked to Matt today and got an update on my can. I'll give credit where credit is due. The suppressor I sent was a HOT MESS. We talked at length on what problems were found (so far) and potential fixes, as well as what future problems are still yet determined. They are going through several steps doing root cause analysis, including sending me some videos showing several issues found.

FYI- The suppressor is a Mag Tactical Elite SS. It's a direct thread 5.56 steel can. The welds and coating look rough, but I hoped it was just cosmetic. It turns out the threads are out of spec, and some issues with concentricity/off-axis threading. TBD on how bad the welds are/etc. These cans may have been built by people that couldn't get hired by Century to build their guns!

I didn't ask them to fabricate anything new, nor to jailbreak a better quality can. As someone who has been on the other side of these types of issues, trying to diagnose/un-fudge someone else's mess takes a lot more work than starting fresh. Unfortunately the NFA aspect makes these kinds of problems much more difficult.

I'm happy to keep them working on it. We talked through much of what they had done, so it's clear that they have been working through the problems all this time. Once we established a clear line of communication, I feel fine with letting SRI continue working through the multitude of problems at hand.
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