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Default Getting in contact with SRI about my Suppressor

I had sent a 5.56 suppressor in for baffle strike issues. I'd been messaging Matt on FB, but i haven't gotten any feedback in awhile. I get nervous when my Class III stuff is unaccounted for, can you help me with some status/more direct contact info? It's been out of my hands for several months now, with no idea what is happening. I've also PMed Sinsir on here also, hoping someone would get a hold of me before putting it out publicly.

Unfortunately this seems to be the only way to get the necessary attention. I'd feel different if I could at least get someone to return a message, but I'm getting to the point when I'm debating if I need to make a report. I see other people that have had issues, and at a certain point I'm being negligent if I don't contact agencies about my suppressor being gone.

Would love to hear back from someone, one method or another.
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