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Ok.. now I owe Nathanial an apology, very sorry Sir. Very misdirected

To Gibal...........HAAAAAAAA! Now the cease and desist call and letter came from AAC ,before Cerberus bought AAC. But if your na´ve enough to think this doesn't happen, I have ocean front property in Nevada I need to sell you.
I have been in the firearms industry 30+ years. I personally know several folks at AAC on a first name basis, can you claim that?.....insulting to who? You? Are you the CEO...yeah right. Like I said "armchair, lazy boy, pouge" comments. I just misdirected it at the wrong person.

Please direct anything else to my message box, not on MRM4s thread. He is trying to make a living at this. I was wrong to even post on his thread.
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