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WTS: Tactical Solutions Cascade .22lr Silencer (Demo)


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We are moving yet another (Demo) silencer. This is a nice light weight (3.2 oz) and 1" dia and 5.25" long, good sounding silencer. Made of 6061 Aluminum, with Titanium threads and blast baffle! We have well under 200 rounds through this silencer. Only had it for a few months. MSRP $294...Demo price is $198! TACTICAL SOLUTIONS CASCADE

This is on a form 3 ready to transfer to Indiana Residents or to your out of state SOT/FFL.

Tactical Solutions’ Cascade .22LR suppressor is the most affordable and best sounding suppressor on the market today. The lightweight and compact design makes this a great addition to your .22LR rifle or pistol. The Cascade suppressor features a titanium blast baffle for long-lasting quality that won’t erode with use. The patented baffle design gives the shooter a low first round pop and excellent sound suppression from the first to the last round. Titanium ½-28TPI threads ensure easy and reliable threading onto the firearm. No need to disassemble for cleaning; just spray with an inexpensive carbon cleaner and walk away.
Tactical Solutions’ products are proudly made in the USA by highly qualified machinists, gunsmiths, and shooters. Tactical Solutions Cascade is backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions or what to see and or hear this silencer give us a shout.

Call/Email/Text/PM matt@front2enemy.com 219-7429-181

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