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Maybe it’s too early to tell? I mean, the deal’s not even done yet, so a tad premature to hypothesize whether and what the potential new folks will do with it.

But if there’s any lesson to be learned from the last ten or so years of silencer and firearms M&A’s/bankruptcies/etc is this takeaway:

“Lifetime Warranty” refers to the company’s life, not yours.



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Ironic that a corporation that has a whole slew of business school of management grads working for it, and an array of firearms companies that encompass the Fudd market, the black rifle market, the ammo market, and the reloading components market, and they can't stay afloat during the decade of highest firearms sales in the history of the world. :confused:


Ironic ... :confused:

Remington has been in trouble since before Freedom/Cerberus bought their debt/failure.

I could easily be wrong but I tend to think current events and the string of failures has more to do with mismanagement by a company that specializes in liquidation rather than growth and trying to evaporate as much money as possible from the cross hairs of any social justice settlements.


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Vista Outdoor (NYSE:VSTO) says it has been named a successful bidder in the auction process conducted in connection with Remington Outdoor Company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

As a result, Vista Outdoor will acquire certain assets related to ROC's ammunition and accessories businesses, including ROC's ammunition manufacturing facility in Lonoke, Arkansas and related intellectual property, including the Remington brand and trademarks.

The company will pay $81.4M for the acquired assets.

(Reported yesterday)

ETA: So Ruger gets Marlin. I like the sounds of that.
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Pretty good summary of WTF went wrong here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/41...sta-outdoor-ruger-and-american-outdoor-brands


While many gun owners will know the story, the majority will likely not.

As investors know, both Vista Outdoor (VSTO) and American Outdoor Brands Company (AOBC) have over the past few years gone on an acquisitions spree in order to form diversified outdoor and shooting sports companies. As novel as the concept is, this was done more than 10 years ago by Stephen Feinberg, the owner and founder of Cerberus Capital.

In 2007, Cerberus started acquiring companies in the highly fragmented firearms industry in order to create "Big Gun," the first $1 billion in sales firearms company. By acquiring many companies and putting them under one umbrella, the idea was that you can unlock value in a combined sale.

Called "Freedom Group," Cerberus acquired the iconic brands such as Bushmaster, Marlin, DPMS, Remington, H&R, Parker, Dakota Arms and Nesika, and also picked up a number of firearms accessories manufacturers such as Advanced Armament Corp. ("AAC"), Stormlake, TimberSmith, and Barnes Bullets.

The company had also acquired terrific firearms manufacturers like Para Ordinance USA in 2012 only to kill the brands a few short years later!



In quotes below may be the summary you're looking for, it's pretty much what every gun board has been complaining about for 10+ years.

It's the natural order of business for big, stodgy and complacent to get squeezed by small, innovative and hungry. It's plainly obvious all the time when you look at the churn in things like computers, electronics, coffee, breakfast foods in general, even pet foods and more.

When B&S gets squeezed enough to no longer be complacent it reacts by gearing up their own "R&D" or buying some of the SIH brands if they have the cash. If big and stodgy doesn't react fast enough their value drops and number vultures try to pick the carcass, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

Seeking Alpha said:
... the company did not help themselves by hiring financial managers rather than gun people to run the company.

Immediately following their acquisitions, gun owners quickly noted the significant drop in quality in firearms, especially with well-known brands like Bushmaster and Marlin.

All of this occurred after management put a focus on centralizing production, thus, many brands which were well known for their artisan quality and hand fitting quickly lost that personal touch.

The quality became so bad that Bushmaster's original owner started up a new company, Wyndham Armory and rehired the bulk of the employees who were let go by Bushmaster!