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Liberty Mystic footage


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I agree. The Mystic is silly quiet on a 9mm. I have an AAC TiRant which is lighter, an AAC Evo-9, and the Mystic. All have their feature set making them desirable for different applications, but when i want silly quiet I put the Mystic on. Its quieter than many .22 silencers.

I still shake my head and am impressed by its insane sound recuction.

But i rarely use it on the 9mm, since it is jumping from rifle to SBR to rifle. Its my most used silencer i own.

I just got my SBR papers in, but am still having fun with my fast twist 16" 357 Maximim barrel. 300 gr bullets at 1025-1040 fps are stupid quiet, n stomp my 300 Blk for power and my ES is in the single digit rsnge often instead of close to 100 fps. Accuracy is insane with the 1:12 twist. 250-300 gr lead bullets at subsonic speeds.

Then the Mystic can handle full power Max loads too, making my T/C sound like a 22 but with 1560 ft lbs of energy. :) 200 gr bullets at 1875 fps.

Talk about versatility this thing is insane. I love the mystic I use it on my black out my maximum my 9 millimeter machine gun my 300 blackout machine gun and my 22 fullauto upper as well.

Oh, I guess I use it on a 9 millimeter occasionally to when I try to impress my friends with whats my quietest silencer, the mystic does it. It's just heavy.

But with the tri-lug adaptor, on my 9mm MG I don't have to worry about baffle erosion from the Win Super Unleaded ammo. I just do not let it get to hot.

I can't remember when I used my Cyclone last. I only use it for full power 308 and full power 260 Rem.

A 45 cal Mystec would be a must have.