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2023 Metering Session

Metering session at Red Hill Range in Martin, GA!
Step up to the microphones TODAY at Red Hill Range!

Greetings from Energetic Armament


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We are excited to join the forum and participate in the NFA community. My name is Karl Edminster and I am co-owner of Energetic Armament, LLC with Steve Piche. We manufacture the Nyx and Vox line of silencers.

Any questions? Just ask!

I post pretty actively to Instagram @energeticarmament and FB. Please give us a follow.

In addition to silencers, we hold a Type 10 DD lisc. and Type 20 FEL with our engineering company. I would be glad to field questions about anything covered there as well.


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Vox Info

Our 7.62mm centerfire rifle silencer is the Vox. It is available in both a S & K length.

Full details are available here: https://energeticarms.com/vox-centerfire-silencer/


Industry first to use C300 Nickel Cobalt maraging ( MARtensitic AGING) superalloy. Extremely high tensile strength and excellent erosion resistance allowed us to design a silencer optimized between the industry offerings of titanium (light but not good at high temp/erosion) and Stellite/Inconel (great high temp/erosion but very heavy). The Vox-S is 12.9oz and K is 9.9oz.

Wipe nose for optional, user repairable wipes to gain 3-5dB with subsonics. Wipe details are at the bottom of the page linked above. Yes, you can 'repair' your wipe by punching a new one; no I cannot sell/give you wipe.

Mount agnostic: BYOM (bring your own mount). 1.375x24 mount pattern. We ship with a 5/8-24DT and you can swap that out at any time for a DA Key-MO (DA-428), ASR (Bravo), Q Plan B, Area 419 Hellfire and many others. No need to change muzzle devices if you are already invested in a particular type.

Patent pending serial ID ring. Had a visit from the f*ck up fairy? Nuked a baffle or 3? Send the can back and we can easily recore the can by moving the ring to a brand new, heat treated/nitrided core. No re-welding or any loss of alignment, concentricity, etc. Lifetime, no BS guarantee.


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Purchasing a Vox

Decided you want a Vox? Awesome! We truly appreciate it.

If you have a dealer you already work with they can order from our exclusive distributor, Allen Arms Tactical. If they are not already set up with them the process is super easy- Have them send their FFL/SOT here: https://allenarmstactical.com/dealer-registration/

I see that two of our biggest dealers are here on the forum: Hansohn Brothers and Capitol Armory. Both are fantastic dealers that carry all of our silencers.

We don't sell direct to shooters or dealers. Design & manufacturing is our thing- we leave sales and distribution to the pros :) We don't sell through Silencer Shop although you can still use their kiosk and software if you prefer.