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Christmas is coming...

Greg Kulbick

New member
Its time for a sale, and Christmas is right around the corner, so that's as good an excuse as any, right? We need to make room for stuff for next year, so in an effort to get rid of the cans we have in stock, we're selling them all for 10% over cost. PM or email sales@renegade-armament.com for prices.

AAC Ti-Rants in 9 and 45
Silencerco 45Ospreys
Thompson Machine Zephyrs, Zephyr XLs, QMFs, Sixteens, Thirtys and Isises... Isi? Isis's? Let me know what you want.


Original Member
Form 4 turnaround by Christmas would be nice! If you could do that I would get a 45
TiRant ..

Sounds stupid but this six month wait is causing me to not buy... NFA

A 300 BLK may happen :)

Greg Kulbick

New member
I know, its killing us. We jsus got another form 4 back last night for a customer, four and a half months from door to door.

Greg Kulbick

New member
One Zephyr, one Zephyr XL left. Stille have two QMFs, two Isises(Isises? Isi?), one Ti-Rant 45, one 45Osprey, Thompson Machine Sixteen and Thirty. I thnk we also have a couple Mites in aluminum and stainless, a Cobra and Cobra M2 and a Gemtech Trinity.