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A few cans in stock

Greg Kulbick

New member
A dealer friend of ours is not renewing their SOT this year, so they transferred what's left of their inventory to us to sell for them, and we were happy to help them out. A few of these had been used as demos by the other shop and will be priced accordingly. They're all here on a form three ready to be transferred. Any prices not shown are due to dealer agreements as our prices are too low to advertise publicly. If you have any questions about prices that aren't posted, I can PM you. If you have any questions about thread pitches for cans not listed, post here or email or PM.

AWC Raider 5.56 thread on 1/2"x28. Lightly used as demo. $700

Gemtech Trinity 9mm, silencer only. Mounts can be purchased separately, predecessor to the current Multimount. New in box.

Gemtech Outback II, 22lr, 1/2"x28, new, no box.

YHM Cobra 9mm, 13x1LH, new in box. $450

YHM Cobra 9mm M2, 1/2"x28, new in box. $475

YHM SS Mite, .22lr, 1/2"x28, lightly used as demo.

YHM Aluminum Mite, .22lr, 1/2"x28, lightly used as demo. $175

YHM Aluminum Mite, .22lr, 1/2"x28, new in box. $200