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17 Hornet and SWR Spectre II


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300 caliber (7.62mm) centerfire rifle silencer on the market ?

I’m not sure what your asking.

The suppressor I use most of the time on my 17 Hornet is a smaller 22 can that is used primarily for 22 rimfires but is rated for up to 5.7X28 (I’ve used it in the 22 Hornet as well but I don’t believe it’s rated for that cartridge).

I have used a Gemtech Titanium Trek which is a 22 centerfire can rated put to some of the larger 22 centerfires (I’ve used it on my 22-250)

I haven’t fired a 17 Hornet through a 30 caliber can but I’m sure it would work fine.


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Yall mofuggas just talked me in a 17 WSM. Everything's already in the mail.

Gonna dump 4 other rifles. The herd has already been thinning.
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It's a savage with rear locking lugs. My guess is the action is ass-AIDS and lacks accuracy.


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Hows the riffling holding up after several k rds?
Been thinking about something flat shooting, guess I need something else to reload............:D


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Repped for hilarity. I don’t click on links from anyone in San Diego.

I’m shocked they’re not back. They seem like an individual steeped in SiCo knowledge.

ETA: I didn’t click the link. A simple hover over lead me to believe it would be disadvantageous.