• Remember, when discussing all things gun/weapon/NFA related, all associated laws apply! DO NOT ask anyone here to help you do anything that is against the law. Period. Soliciting someone to do something illegal here will get your post removed, and possibly get you banned. Doing something illegal can lead to you being fined and spending quality time with "Bubba", where you will understand the meaning of PMITA Prison. Be smart, we are all hobbyists/collectors here who adhere to the law, and so should you.
  • NFA Talk staff & owner(s) provide the "For Sale or Trade" section for you to conduct sales, purchases, or trades of your own choosing, at your own risk. In your use of this website, you agree that NFA Talk staff & owner(s) are not liable or responsible for any deals completed, attempted, good, bad, or otherwise. If someone has a negative experience, please let an Administrator or Super Moderator know (see contact list at the bottom of this announcement). Site staff or owner(s) will attempt to mediate for you, if you have an issue, but we do not guarantee that such action will come to an amicable resolution, and are not liable or responsible for the outcome. Staff will look at things objectively and act accordingly. Honest mistakes can happen, but intentionally burning someone here will result in a site-wide ban.

    If you create an ad in the For Sale or Trade area, you have the ability to modify, delete, or lock the thread at any time.

    If you see a fraudulent ad, please report it immediately so that it can be investigated and dealt with properly.

    All ads older than 180 days are deleted from the For Sale or Trade section on a continual basis, and are not retrievable.

    Rules Set In Stone (Mandatory):

    1. If selling an item, you must state a price.

    2. You cannot hold an auction here (i.e. sell an item to the highest bidder). If you had an item for sale here, and it did not sell, you can update your ad with a link to an auction listing of the item.

    3. Adhere to all your local State and Federal laws when conducting any firearm transactions.

    General Guidelines (Not Mandatory, but Highly Suggested):

    1. Post pictures of what you are selling if possible. You know the saying, pictures are worth a thousand words. It generally also leads to a quicker sell, and less confusion.

    2. When posting an ad, it may be beneficial for you to say what state you are in. This may attract more interested buyers in your location.

    3. Do not use PayPal for any firearm related transactions. If PayPal thinks a transaction is firearm related, they can, and will, lock your PayPal account. They may even hold your money for as long as they wish, or keep it. You will have no recourse, and can be screwed.

    4. If you are a buyer, feel free to ask the seller for references, or for verification of the item they are selling (i.e. Form 4). Having a record of previous trouble-free transactions will put some folks at ease, and is understandable when looking to purchase a high value item.

    5. Please take a moment to post feedback in the Buyer/Seller Feedback section if you have conducted a transaction here. This is helpful to any and all who may conduct future dealings here.

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