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Default The Rules

The rules here are pretty simple. Use common sense when you post, put NSFW content in NSFW forums. Above all, keep things legal. Do not knowingly post content which has copyright protection, ect... When discussing NFA or guns in general, all applicable laws will be adhered too. When buying/selling/trading any firearms in the classified section, all transactions need to be from FFL to FFL for safety and legality.

Do not ask anyone to do anything that will break the law. Do not make criminal threats. Do not post anything that does break U.S. law. This will more than likely earn you a ban, so just don't...

If you post/do something stupid and we are contacted by the proper legal authorities, we will cooperate with them as required by law.

No spamming, period. If you spam, you will be warned and/or banned. If a vendor, manufacturer or dealer has a new product, website, or whatever you want to advertise, do it in YOUR specific vendor, manufacturer or dealer forum or in the classifieds section. Discussing, announcing/introducing your products/services in other sub-forums is fine. There is a clear distinction between spam advertising and discussions or recommendations.

Please avoid using racial slurs toward other individuals. It is frowned upon here, and if you use one in a serious tone, expect to be dealt with swiftly. You may be given WL's (Warning Level points, 16 total = ban), a temporary ban, or a permanent ban at the Moderator's or Administrator's discretion. It is uncool, and shows an extreme lack of maturity, so please do not do it. It's common sense.

Malicious threats of violence towards other individuals will result in a permanent ban, and possibly lead to you being reported to the proper authorities. Please try to keep things civil.

Do not post anyone's personal information without their consent (i.e. names, addresses, phone numbers), or without the consent of the Staff here. If someone willfully posts their own personal info on this site, and make the information widely known here, then you can use it unless they request otherwise (i.e. we all know who Arevalo is). Breaking this rule may result in the editing of your post, and a high possibility of receiving an infraction, or worse, at the Staff's discretion.

Do not thread-jack sticky threads, taking them off topic. They are stickied for a reason, do not detract from that and dilute the threads.

The following are not rules, but a general guide:
You can state any opinion you want in this forum on any matter, but just be aware that words can have consequences. If you insult someone, don't be surprised if they insult you back. Try to keep things somewhat civil if possible. Acting like an idiot may result in you looking like an idiot, so to speak.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND you use PayPal to complete a firearm related transaction on this site or any other, for you can get burned, and PayPal will lock your account as well as ban you if they know the transaction is firearm related.

Anyone who wishes to link to us on their site may do so. Please do not hot link any of our images or data on other sites. Please direct folks to the threads where the data is located instead.

If you wish to advertise a charitable event on this site, ask permission prior to posting about the event. Contact Plunky & ArevaloSOCOM for permission to do so prior to posting about it. We prefer to verify the authenticity first.

Those who own/run this forum reserve the right to modify the rules at any time as needed, if needed, at our discretion.

If you do not receive your email confirmation to activate your forum account, check your spam filter. More than likely the confirmation email is in your "spam" box. Another common reason for you to not receive the confirmation is that you entered your email address incorrectly. If you fail to confirm your registration within 14 days, the account you created will be purged. If you have registration issues, contact the webmaster and one of us shall look into the issue.

This site and the Administrators, Moderators and Owner(s) are not responsible for the posts of the users. All text, comments, data, materials, information, etc. posted to this website/forum by any of the users are the sole responsibility of those users.
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