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Am I hard to get ahold of? Yes often I am, especially when we are under a heavy workload. I know it won't help you now but we identified the issue and are taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

I can only respond to emails that I receive. I do not and have never chosen not to respond to an email.

We keep very few COTS parts on hand and as disclosed the mount had to be ordered. Your job is still listed as incomplete pending a new mount, we haven't closed it out. You have the option to wait for the mount or receive a refund of the mount price. If I don't hear anything by next Wednesday(8/30/17) I will assume you want a refund and proceed accordingly.

Stainless steel can and does rust. Below is a picture of an AAC Tirant9 that was sent in a few years back that was covered in rust. The rusted parts are made of the SAME alloy as the mount. Stainless has a HIGHER resistance to corrosion/rust due to it's chromium content but you can't take the iron out of stainless steel. For what its worth I have received SS fresh from the mill with corrosion/rust on it in from several alloys of SS.

Your can was sent in so that the threads could be gaged. The threads were gaged and several mounts were made with the can present and all were tight when fully engaged as designed.

This is the FIRST I have heard of any concern of its fit. If you want it checked out I will be happy to send you a shipping label. If there is a problem it will be fixed.

Originally Posted by brickwurx View Post
I am sorry to report that this will not be a positive end to the communication and or business dealings with Matt at Stalking Rhino. I wrote earlier that communication ended months into a completely missed deadline for an adapter and Griffin break combo. Only after I wrote on this forum that I could not get in touch with Matt seeking help, with the very helpful assistance of SINSIR, did Matt bother to reach out to me.

I DO NOT believe he lost any of my emails as he wrote me, he just simply chose not to respond to my inquiries or request. I also DO NOT believe he had to wait on the Griffin mount, or that the mount “rusted” so he wasn’t able to send it to me as planned. He never did send me the Griffin mount as paid for or promised, and I don’t imagine I will ever see it. I did finally get the adapter he was commissioned to make, just not the Griffin brake.

It took more than eleven months to get that order. I had a form 1 approved by the ATF in less time. My guess, he never ordered the Griffin mount because he already had the specs to make the adapter. I sent him my can which he returned months later, and months before making the mount. One would assume if the adapter was made specifically for a host can, the threads would be a solid tight fit. On this adapter the threads are quite loose, wobble, and only lock up as the adapter is completely seated, leading me to believe he made the adapter well after sending my can back, it was never test fit, or custom made for the suppressor.

While Matt was very friendly early on, and had no issue with emails right up until I sent him payment, businesses contact after that were a joke. Not only do I feel he left a customer hanging for a year while he worked on other projects (even keeping me informed would have been the least of which he could have done, I would have understood), I feel he took my money and never delivered all that he billed and promised. I do not care how great of a machinist he could be, or has been as stated by other customers; I care about how good of a machinist or business person he currently is. And with me, he was not.

Hell, he could have picked up the phone anytime over the past year and said “Man, I’m really sorry, been swamped, and it looks like I may not be able to get to your project, I’ve got to get you a refund”. At least that amount of professional honesty I could have respected. Instead, I was ignored, and after a year, I still have not gotten all of what I paid for.

SINSIR- My offer still stands for all of your help. If you find your way back to Louisville, look me up.
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