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Cave hill cemetery sits in the Highlands off Bardstown Road. Bardtown road runs from Bardstown Kentucky, (huge for Bourbon distilleries), all the way to downtown Louisville, a good 40 mile stretch if not a bit longer.

I live about 20 minutes from Downtown Louisville on Bardstown road, I pass Cave Hill everyday heading to work. Its great place to visit as far as cemeteries go, has a lot of history, extremely peaceful for being right in the middle of everything. I visit every few months.

The highlands are chocked full of Irish pubs, off putting for the name, one would assume Scottish. But not one Scottish drinking hole exists in the Highlands. One or two of the irsh pubs are authentic, most are not. But everything in that area is worth visiting. Its a busy spot and always welcoming. Maybe a tad liberal, but the pubs keep folks from getting too fancy!

If I every win the big one, I've always said I would build the first Scottish pub on the block. Then to stay true to my heritage, run raids on the Irish pubs. All in good fun of course, I have zero issue with Irish pubs!
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