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doubloon, Thank you, I took your suggested an IM'd Sinsir.

98_1LE- I have only spoken with Matt once, he seemed like a very nice guy. Possibly just very busy. Honestly, if he told me it may take longer than a returned ATF approved form1, I may have still rolled with it. After all, I had a tough time finding anyone local willing to make the adapter back then. And contacting Stalking Rhino was a long shot to begin with.

He isn't actually working on the can at all (an old AAC Ranger 2 direct thread), but he requested I send him the can to insure alignment of the adapter. The project was for a 1/2x28 male to Griffin taper mount adapter. I needed it for an SBR truck gun, wouldn't fit in the lock box with the can threaded on, and I didnt want exposed barrel threads getting banged up. Not a perfect fix, but an adapter would allow for the use of the griffin brake, and a can that is a bit more QD. I do not want to leave a nicer can in the truck box, so it was worth the adapter cost for the AAC, I don't use it for anything other than that specific rifle.

Hopefully, its just a serious lack of communication and all will end well.
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