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Default Trying to contact Matt & Stalking Rhino

I spoke with Matt back in late August of last year about a custom adapter for a threaded can to fit a Griffin taper mount. Sent Matt the can and paid for work September 6th for the adapter and mount. Matt gave me a quote of 14 weeks give or take. It’s been over 44 weeks with no adapter. He did responded a few times up until early April, then nothing.

He sent me back my can after I requested he do so during the same time in April, said the part was finished, and told me he shipped the part off for a coating a month prior. Now I can't get him to respond at all, nothing. At this point I just want a refund, or conformation the part has shipped, If the part was ever fabricated to begin with.

Its been close to 11 months and I am out over $200 bucks. If anyone can get me any contact info other than a Stalking Rhino Email or business phone, or get in touch with Matt and let him know I would like to speak with him, please email or IM me.

I hate to be "That Guy", asking for assistance, but it shouldn't have come to this, and it is an extremely poor way to manage a business.

Thanks for any help.
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