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Default Freedom QA, Victory, or YHM Phantom Ti 7.62

OK, I know the response in here might be a bit biased, but I am close to deciding on a 7.62mm suppressor and need some help to finalize a decision. I know I want light, which means titanium if possible. I would use it as a dual-purpose for my 5.56mm AR-15s and a bolt-action .308 rifle. I've seen some say that titanium suppressors are not the best choice for SBRs, and I do intend to get a 10.5" or 11.5" 5.56mm AR-15. It also appears that some titanium suppressors like the Phantom Ti tend to throw sparks out the front.

I am this close to ordering a Liberty Victory for it's lightness and suppression, but am wondering if I should go with a quick detachable option. It's not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to be able to quickly switch hosts, and unless there is something special about Liberty's threading, the quick detachable options won't screw loose every mag or two.

The Freedom QA is quite neat if they are compatible with YHM mounts. It's a bit heavier than the titanium suppressors though. I saw a Magnum version listed on their site, but not a regular one.

The titanium Phantom , from my research, doesn't look like it has top-tier suppression compared to others in its class, but is decent. A YouTube video I saw and threads in forums shows that it tends to throw sparks out the front.

I've been doing my research, but any advice and suggestions would be appreciated.
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